The Five Commitments of Optimistic Leaders: They Work Together

2021-04-16T20:06:54-04:00April 16th, 2021|

Another argument is brewing as Chandra tells her daughter, 10-year-old Rosie, to stop pestering her little brother, Dexter. As usual, Rosie ignores her and continues to tease her brother. This dynamic happens at least ten times a day and Chandra can’t see beyond the struggle. She’s furious with Rosie and annoyed with herself for not [...]

Optimistic Leaders Stay Steady Amidst Uncertainty

2021-04-16T20:02:41-04:00August 20th, 2020|

It was 2004, the fifth hurricane of the season was about to arrive in Florida, and my mom declared that she wouldn’t evacuate her home ever again. “I’m too old for this,” she insisted. Knowing that I was not going to change her mind, but unwilling to let her go through this alone, I decided [...]

Cultivate Self-Awareness to Guide Thought, Emotion, and Behavior

2021-04-16T20:04:12-04:00June 26th, 2020|

For me, cultivating self-awareness is like opening the windows and letting some fresh air in. It means allowing myself to be curious, rather than judgmental, about what I don’t yet know or understand about myself. And as Nichole Parks, LFC’s Associate Director of Programs, so wisely said: cultivating self-awareness is hard work. That’s why people [...]

Nurturing Relationships: Me in a Group

2021-04-16T20:04:31-04:00June 17th, 2020|

When I was in my twenties, I was teaching third grade at a school in New York City. I had many close friendships among the faculty and got along with just about everyone. Early one year, the Director organized a whole-school professional development retreat at a beautiful location just outside the city. We were seated [...]

Think Impact to Make Informed Decisions

2021-04-16T20:04:52-04:00June 9th, 2020|

When I think back to my freshman year in college, I recall a professor returning my very first paper with a comment on the front page. It said: THIS READS LIKE THE YELLOW PAGES. His comment was humiliating and painful. It certainly didn’t offer me tools to improve the paper. Instead, the impact of his [...]

Why do we need Optimistic Leaders for Children?

2021-04-16T20:05:09-04:00June 5th, 2020|

We know that young children thrive in an environment of trusting relationships with the adults who care for and educate them. All aspects of children’s development — intellectual, social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and moral — are shaped by the relationships they have with the adults in their lives [1]. Now, imagine this environment of nurturing [...]

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