Elevating leaders to co-create a cohesive approach to early learning.

Co-designing digital resources for sustainable quality improvements

At Leading for Children, we know that co-design of meaningful, accessible learning resources is critical to sustainable improvements in early childhood program quality.

To achieve this, we partner with our Learning Network members to co-create a lasting library of video resources that provide a legacy of learning. As with all LFC experiences, a focus on equity and deep respect for the wisdom of our Learning Network members informs how we engage in the development of video resources.

All of the videos were produced in collaboration with our colleague, Shaun Johnsen, of Murray Hill Studios in New York City.

“LFC brought the idea to us and explained how video creation can be enriching for the overall experience, as opposed to LFC just coming in and saying, ‘Let’s make some videos.’”

We involve Learning Network members at all stages of the process: from developing video themes and learning goals for the video project, to identifying locations, storyboarding, and filming.

As educators create these lasting learning resources, the process offers professional development opportunities in real time. Facilitators are onsite during filming, inviting educators to see their moments of effectiveness played back on camera and exploring the day’s events through interviews. Educators feel seen: they know that their knowledge and perspectives are vital to creating resources that will have a lasting impact on early learning.

“The experience of having you visit our room was comfortable and nonintrusive. The children welcomed all of you and continued about their day as though you were new and welcome members of our classroom community. Our conversations reminded me of the interconnectedness of learning content, environment, and relationships we build within the course of our work.”

“When you invite a teacher to talk about her practice, it’s astonishing how much wisdom comes out.”

Ultimately, the product is not only a valuable resource for educators, but also a source of pride that extends across the community of those who care for and educate young children.

“The value for participants is huge. They feel so important and valued… The families come to the premier party and you could see how proud they felt.”