children deserve leaders who learn

LEADING FOR CHILDREN is a non-profit organization working in communities across the country to provide the best early learning experiences for young children while creating environments where educators thrive. We support every adult, regardless of their role, to become the leader children need. We help stakeholders develop the trust, shared purpose, and commitment that is imperative for success in early learning.
Leading for Children is driven by the vision of Judy Jablon, founder and Executive Director:
To create the next generation of critical thinkers and leaders, we must ensure that every child has a sense of agency, that the child believes she can make things happen. This requires that children learn in settings where the adults define themselves as leaders in a climate of optimism. True change comes from a holistic approach, one that engages the entire system and all players including caregivers, teachers, coaches, administrators, and families.
Five Commitments of Optimistic Leaders for Children: A Reflective Practice Journal