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We are a community of Optimistic Leaders for Children. We are the adults– directors and teachers, parents and policy makers, receptionists and cooks– who co-create early learning ecosystems for young children.

We maintain that equity for all children begins with equity for all of the adults in their lives. We believe that all children deserve the adults in their lives to be optimistic leaders, and that by working closely together and sharing common practices, we can provide children with the strong nurturing relationships for learning that they need to thrive

Who is an Optimistic Leader for Children?

Optimistic Leaders understand that they make a tremendous impact on the lives of children, have a clear view of the obstacles in their path, and possess the confidence to know that they and the children they serve can overcome these obstacles.

Optimistic Leaders focus on the path forward and are passionate about achieving a vision, persevering even when the going gets rough.

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The Five Commitments

The Five Commitments

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Meet the Optimistic Leadership Council

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