“A stumbling block for the pessimist is a stepping stone for the optimist”

-Eleanor Roosevelt
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Webinars and Live Events

Facebook Live with Serene Stevens, Silvia Salcido, Casey Sims and Judy Jablon

Judy Jablon hosting members of the Optimistic Leadership National Council on 7/1/20 for a Facebook Live discussion on how we think about refining communication in early learning.

Optimistic Leadership: Activating Curiosity in Challenging Times

When we activate curiosity, we are more willing to take risks, experiment, and try things out. A curious and open mind invites learning. When adults adopt curiosity, they invite children to join them in discovery and exploration. In challenging times, it can seem even harder-- if not impossible. In this webinar, we explore what it means to activate curiosity for oneself, with others, and in a group, and how to think about it as a daily practice. Featuring Judy Jablon, Nichole Parks, Laura Ensler

Think Impact: Our Responsibility to Create an Equitable World for Children

Robin Hancock, Documentary Filmmaker and Leading for Children Board Member, and Elena Jaime, Associate Director at The Brick Church School join Judy and Nichole for a conversation about how Optimistic Leaders create brave and safe spaces for each other, and why that is essential for equity in early learning

Be an Optimistic Leader for Children

This webinar introduces the Leading for Children model of Optimistic Leadership. We begin with a definition of leadership in the broadest sense: how all educators must be the leaders children deserve. We discuss the Five Commitments of Optimistic Leadership and how you can practice them day by day to be even more effective at enhancing the quality of learning for every child. Featuring Judy Jablon and Nichole Parks


  • In our Facebook Live Conversation in June 2020, Elena Jaime, Associate Director, Brick Church, shared some insights from this article on the importance of interrupting microaggressions in early learning. You can read the full article below:

    Interrupting Microaggressions: Important Lessons in the Early Years

    By Elena Jaime, Associate Director, Brick Church

    CSEE Connections Summer 2020

  • In this article originally published in Child Care Exchange, Judy Jablon, Executive Director of Leading for Children, explores how we can practice the Five Commitments of Optimistic Leadership.

    The Five Commitments of Optimistic Leadership

    By Judy Jablon, Executive Director, Leading for Children

    Child Care Exchange, 2018

  • In our Facebook Live Event in June 2020, Robin Hancock, Board Member of Leading for Children, shared some insights from her work in Global Education for young children. Read more about it in her article below:

    A World Called Home: Global Citizenship Education at Sunshine Preschool

    By Robin Hancock

    Board Member, Leading for Children

Video Testimonials

Nichole Parks on Self-Awareness

Nichole Parks, Leading for Children's Associate Director of Programs, shares her thoughts about self-awareness in a group.

Nichole Parks on Think Impact

Nichole Parks, Leading for Children's Associate Director of Programs, shares her personal story about thinking impact when dealing with a group.

Tunga Otis on Nurturing Relationships

Tunga Otis, Family Engagement Specialist at Mississippi Community College Board and Optimistic Leadership National Council member, shares her thoughts about Nurturing Relationships.

Nichole Parks on Nurturing Relationships

Nichole Parks, Associate Director of Programs for Leading for Children shares her thoughts about Nurturing Relationships: Me and Another.

Tara Skiles on Optimistic Leadership

Tara Skiles, Director, Professional Development, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education shares her thoughts on what it means to be an Optimistic Leader.

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