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To strengthen early learning systems, we engage with educators at every level.
To strengthen early learning systems, we engage with educators at every level.
THE RESEARCH IS DEFINITIVE — when we work together our children reach their potential, our professionals thrive, our communities are strong, and our systems are healthy and flexible.

To accomplish these goals, strong networks and lifelong learning for all are essential. Leading for Children engages with educators at every level — leaders in schools and community, leaders of entire school systems and state and federal policy makers, coaches, teachers, caregivers, and home visitors.

We support you in articulating a coherent and consistent path to continuous quality improvement. We focus on identifying, strengthening and disseminating exemplary early learning practices through both direct service and online tools and resources.

Our Process:

Leading for Children uses a three-step process to achieve and sustain system wide early learning leadership and action:

1. Define

Finding balance between where you, your organization or system is now and where you want to go

2. Align

Maintaining a clear focus and determining if current resources align with the path or if you need new services and capacities to move forward

3. Sustain

Ensuring the changes made stay on course and the support required is in place, short and long term

Programs, Services and Resources:

Leading for Children offers a range of programs, services and resources for all levels of your organization. Our work is rooted in our foundational principles of Optimistic Leadership and The Path to Quality and utilizes other resources including Powerful Interactions.

We provide facilitation, workshops, idea sharing, research and evaluation. Services include:

  • Personalized Assessment and Consultation
  • Organization Seminars and Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Convening
  • Keynotes and Panel Presentations
  • Online Leading for Children Forum

Join the Leading for Children community to strengthen your practice, learn about other effective practices, and share what you do well so others can benefit. To learn more: