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Our Story

The Visionary Story Behind LFC

With over 40 years in early learning, Judy Jablon has developed a groundbreaking model that focuses on community and the collective wisdom of its members. It centers around the great passion and determination of all the different individuals who dedicate their lives to leading for children. 

Children’s optimal development relies on positive relationships with adults. Too often early learning systems are rife with inequity and mistrust among adults, which undermines a healthy growth environment for children. LFC’s humanity-centered approach brings together all the adults who care for and educate young children to lead the way. This approach builds strong communities.

Breaking traditional power structures and solving systemic problems in early learning requires great individual courage, and a whole new set of skills. Strong communities are inclusive by nature. And inclusion begins with us. The family member, the teacher, the bus driver, the administrator, the librarian, and others — yes, every individual in a child’s environment has an impact on the child’s development.

Asa Hilliard inspired Judy Jablon years ago at a conference of teacher educators when he said, “Relationships matter more than anything else. Human beings need to be nurtured. Our job as educators is to nurture in ways that tap into the genius in each child.”

Leading with Intention

Our Vision

All children birth to five grow and learn in thriving and collaborative communities of empowered and nurturing adults.

Our Mission

Strengthen communities by advancing evidence-based approaches where adults collaborate equitably towards positive outcomes for children.

Background Element

A Message from LFC Founder, Judy Jablon

As we embark on our seventh year, I wonder: what inspired me to start Leading for Children? I’ve come to understand that my inspiration came from my lived experiences. My five-year-old self was terrified to start kindergarten. So many reasons… As I entered the huge old building, my first day of school tears distressed my father, whose efforts to calm me failed. And then, when I approached the doorway of my new classroom, there was Mrs. Carlin, kneeling, with her warm smile and sparkling eyes. Her words of welcome conveyed that she saw me, not my tears and fears. Taking my hand, she assumed my competence at making a friend and led me to Carolyn, another five year old, already busy drawing. I settled right in with my new friend.

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