Equity for every child begins with equity for all of the adults in their lives.

Every child deserves to have access to vibrant, high-quality early learning care and education.

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Sharing Wisdom

Leading for Children brings together all of the adults in a child’s ecosystem — family members, educators, coaches, agency leaders, and other community members — to build trusting relationships and elevate individual and collective wisdom.

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Building Equity

Together, we cultivate optimistic leadership skills, collaboratively modeling the behaviors and attitudes we want children to develop. We co-create positive, equitable program climates, deepen learning experiences, and provide safe emotional and physical spaces for all children.

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Promoting Sustainability

We create a lasting digital library that moves toward sustainability and we use our formative evaluation process to make modifications.

When we surround children with a community of adults who have confidence in their own sense of agency, we create the next generation of critical thinkers and leaders.

Learning Networks Across the Country

Rooted in equity, LFC’s Learning Network approach cultivates leadership for all adults in the child’s ecosystem. Learning Networks bring together educators, caregivers, and others to work across silos, build relationships, share positive practice, and grow as Optimistic Leaders for Children.

We currently have Learning Networks in the following states:






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New York



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